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Three finished the Spurs 75-65 lead

Le 31 mai 2017, 06:02 dans Humeurs 0

Three finished, the Spurs 75-65 lead the Heat 10 points. The fourth quarter, the Heat launched a ferocious counterattack, Mike - Miller left foot shoes in the case of running, still hit a key three points, greatly boosted the morale of the team Sammy Sosa Jersey. 28.2 seconds before the whistle, the Spurs also lead the Heat 5 points Mike Montgomery Jersey. Union staff have been on the sidelines to prepare a yellow belt, it is to separate a championship in the release of the space, and the Spurs from the team's history of the fifth championship trophy seems to have spread 28.2 seconds. This year you want to make the fire in the library is extremely difficult, last year's finals library is subject to injury, physical efficiency decline a lot, but this year, Curry excellent health, physical fitness, knight is difficult to limit the state of the popular library The It is possible that the knights will choose to attack, with Kerry - Owen to fight with the library fire. For example, last year, Owen finals averaged 27.1 points on the score on the pressure on the library. Owen's performance is very important for us, "said Lu." It's not just Owen's performance. Everyone has to show up and the game is not one-on-one Ernie Banks Jersey, so we all have to come up with excellent and efficient Performance. We know that Owen must have to come up with excellent performance, aggressive enough to attack points, which he is good at Justin Grimm Jersey. But not only Owen, we each have to play excellent performance.

At this time the scene changes

Le 31 mai 2017, 06:01 dans Humeurs 0

At this time, the scene changes, James though not in the third, but Miller grabbed the offensive rebounds and then back to James hands Javier Baez Jersey, he once again tried to hit the third, the score rewritten as 92-94. Leonard made two free throws Sammy Sosa Jersey, leaving a chance for the Heat. James did not try three points, Bosh grabbed the offensive rebounds, to the corner of the mine - Allen, Allen in the only 5.2 seconds hit equalized third, saved the Heat season. I still think about that critical mistake and still thinking about that game. I think the whole process of thinking is very interesting, because I know the correct way to play and content, know whether to win the championship is a thought between things, know the way to play the more simple the better. But these reflections will not completely change the way I play Andre Dawson Jersey, I preseason in the season to try the left hand behind the pass, I have the confidence to do this. They are the defending champion, we are not, "Cole said," I read the words of Carrefour, and he was so surprised by the remarks, in fact, I was surprised. What are everyone talking about? They are a great team, they are champions. Is that we are trying to recapture what they have taken away from us last season Fergie Jenkins Jersey.

In the overtime

Le 31 mai 2017, 06:01 dans Humeurs 0

In the overtime, Bosh played a key role Jack Leathersich Jersey, a fast break into a 2 + 1, defensive end, in the remaining 32 seconds to cover Parker's jumper Jeimer Candelario Jersey, and at the last moment Aaron Brooks Jersey, once again staged a key cover, hat The corner of the corner of the three-point jumper. After the game, James for the finals of the sixth war gave a very high rating. "This is the best game I've ever experienced so far," James said. "The whole game is ups and downs, just like a roller coaster, happy and bad mood that runs through the game. Although the NBA Finals has not yet begun, but for the league most of the players, their offseason has begun. This summer, there are still a lot of players into the free market, which includes the Clippers striker Blake - Griffin, although many signs have shown that Griffin is likely to stay in the Clippers Fergie Jenkins Jersey, but the former teammate Dudley is recommended Griffin should join the Miami Heat.

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