The only thing that has not yet been played, or the only thing that does not vote, is "Tommy" Clay - Thompson. He averaged nearly 8 points lower than the regular season (22.3 in the regular season, 14.4 in the playoffs) and hit 8 percent from the regular season (46.8 percent in the regular season and 38.2 percent in the playoffs). His playoff three-pointers "only" 36.4%. 36.4%, usually this is a good hit rate Jacob Hannemann Jersey. But please, this is Clay, the planet on the shooting technology the most stable three-point ball machine. The fourth quarter of the first battle, the Spurs got 23 points, while the Heat only get 16 points. Hit the key ball Parker scored a team score of 21 points Ryne Sandberg Jersey, and sent 6 assists. Duncan scored 20 points and 14 rebounds Joe Maddon Jersey, he became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after a 35-year-old but in the finals to contribute this data NBA players Ron Santo Jersey. Spurs victory to James 18 points and 18 rebounds and 10 assists in the three pairs of meaningless, and Wade and Bosh in the end of the game's performance is quite abnormal, the two in the fourth quarter only a total of two points. After the match, Spurs coach Popovich thanked the lucky blessing. "We were lucky, and it seemed that we had to lose the ball almost, but he was finally in control and got the ball in. He worked so hard, but as I said, we were lucky The